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Before continuing I would like to state that "Maggie" is the canine in the following images.  I point this out because almost every picture also has the same female human in it.  This is noteworthy because that human is Maggie's owner and handler, Carol.  Carol's commitment to Maggie and Bonnie (see Bonnie's page) is, I think, only paralleled by their commitment to her.  There is a special place in heaven for people who care for animals as Carol does!  (and I'm certain it includes their pets)


Maggie qualifies for her Junior Hunter Title.........

maggie jr hunter qual1.png

........gets the second leg.........

maggie jr hunter leg 3 mar 091.png

...........and finishes it!



Maggie in a classic 'set'.    Setters set, Pointers point.

maggie field_training 4-0811.png


Maggie as Best of Opposite Sex at Show..........

maggie show sept 081.png


................and as Best of Winners in another Show!

maggie ukc.png


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